Trust throughresponsibility

This may sound a bit dramatic: but we have a special relationship with the properties we renovate. After all, these are often historical buildings. Houses which enrich and mark the cityscape and which can only be approached with a special sense of responsibility. 

Quality is fun

So once the right property has been located the search for the right craftsmen begins. We only work with construction companies which meet the highest standards in terms of the quality of work and reliability they offer. We owe it to our city, our tenants, and to ourselves. 

Maintaining values with feeling and diligence.

You’ll notice it straight away when looking at our properties. Our buildings are a delight to the eye, skilfully combining the charm of the past with the new, without crowing post-modernism but instead forming harmonic ensembles. Tenants discover another delight: everything appears dignified and well thought out. And everything is functional.

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