Heidi-Maja Riese

I see every house to be renovated by us as a challenge. The task is to awaken this beauty from its sometimes decades of sleep. This requires great care in handling the basic structure of the building. And that’s exactly where the challenge lies.

It’s important to “appreciate” the building. What did it once look like (sometimes there are old pictures to go by), and what is left of the glamour of the turn of the century? These remainders are often also blended with the elements of the post-war period.

This means that we must remove these remains and to reproduce the charm of the old building’s structure using new materials and state of the art technology, creating floor plan solutions to meet today’s living standards. We also pay special attention to the design of the staircase.
Through well balanced colour selections and a wall design befitting of the old building as well as restoration of the old doors along with using the correct tiles in the entryway and a carpet runners on the stairs helps to set a positive mood in your own home.

My duties also include creating an appropriately landscaped courtyard with playground and covered bicycle storage and waste bin area.

This all ultimately combines to create a harmonic overall impression which our tenants and property owners have come to appreciate and which also sets us apart from many of our competitors.