Building renovation

Our company group has grown by acquiring old buildings in select city centre locations with a combination of residential and commercial space, and to improve these through renovation and modernization concepts which are socially compatible and extensively improve the quality of life while also tending to the cityscape. With these projects the emotional side of real estate and housing quickly becomes a focus. After all, people have often been occupying these buildings for many years; to them the house has long been a part of their personality and identity. On the other hand, these same people have “virtually become a part of the house”.

That’s why we are quite careful to match the degree of modernisation and renovation to the respective tenant needs and possibilities. This may possibly be one of the key factors for why REALINVEST has been so successful for so many years.

Because tenants who are treated fairly and looked after, who always have the feeling that the owners will hear their concerns and honestly attempt to make their living space as comfortable as possible, are satisfied tenants. And satisfied tenants take greater care of their property, are responsible in paying their rent and contribute to the houses they live in being and remaining a good capital investment.

And of course this not only applies to the properties we own but also to those we have sold to capital investors following renovation.